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Arizona Antelope Hunting

Arizona Antelope Hunting

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Pronghorn are found through the state but the quality of these bucks are located in the northern & eastern part of the state. Our most productive method of hunting these unique animals is Spot and Stock. On this particular hunt we spend a great deal of time glassing, trying to locate the buck of your choice. The key to harvesting a quality buck on these hunts is the preseason scouting with the addition and the ability to accurately field judge these bucks correctly. We hunt the open country, cedar flats, and the tall pines of northern & eastern Arizona, so long distance shooting is a must. It is not uncommon to take rifle shots over 400 yards on a antelope. We recommend a flat shooting rifle cartridge, a good high-power rifle scope and a mounted bi-pod, or a tall standing tripod. The spot and stalk hunting methods are mainly used for our rifle and muzzleloader hunts.

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Rifle/Archery License & Tags

Rifle/Archery License & Tags

Resident Hunting License ($37)

  • Non-Resident License ($160)
  • Resident Draw-Tag ($103)
  • Non-Resident Draw-Tag ($565)

Guided Hunt Starting Rates from ($4,575) 1x1

Our AZ Antelope Draw takes place annually in January, the next draw deadline is February 4th, 2025. Don’t miss it! Contact us for any application or hunt questions. AZGF hunting license can be purchase and you can apply for the AZ draw on online at www.azgfd.gov website.

Trip available on Sept 6th 2024 - Sept 15th 2024

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Our Arizona antelope trips currently running at 100% harvest rate with a 100% shooting opportunity. Our most productive methods of hunting these speed goats is by glassing and stalking with an emphasis on glassing.

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