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Arizona Predator Hunting - Day or Night

Arizona Predator Hunting - Day or Night

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We specialize in Grey Fox, Bobcat & Coyote Hunts In The Heart Of Arizona

Arizona's Rim Country, including the high and low desert areas holds the most diverse predator habitat in the world. Our variety of predators ranging from coyotes, gray foxes, to bobcats, and majestic mountain lions as well.

Predator hunting during the prime time season or during the off-season or in between our big game hunts. Experience a true predator pursuit like none other in the southwest. Guiding the veteran predator hunter or instructing the beginner hunter is our passion. It is also a proven wildlife management tool for controlling the predator population in our prime hunting areas.

We offer guided hunts that are second to none involving an electronic caller and utilizing custom made hand calls. Coyotes and foxes mostly fall victim to the call, but occasionally, a bobcat will stalk-in to check out the situation. Be prepared for some point blank extreme excitement and fast shooting when any of these critters come charging or creeping into the stand.

"We are a Veteran friendly guiding service"

Arizona Guided Predator Hunts

Guided Predator Hunts

Our exclusive guided predator hunts are offered on a daily rate basis or in multiple days. On our Arizona guided predator trips, we recommend our clients to book more than one day to pile up your Fur-Slam on your trip. A typical day of predator hunting takes place around either northern, eastern, & southern Arizona, and or on private ranches with in the state in the higher & low desert areas in the heart of Arizona.

Bolt rifles & AR platform rifles are preferred for our trips since we hunt in the open country and these critters tend to be wary. Shot guns we prefer is a 12 gauge with 3" spread with #4 buck shot will do the job when we hunt the thick country. Ranges could be anywhere from point blank using a shot gun and out to 300 yards taken on centerfire shots, but the average shots taken is under 100 yards. Rimfire cartridges such as 17WSM, 22WMR, 22 Hornet, Centerfire cartridges .204, .223, .22-250, .243, .308, or the 6.5 will get it done.

Bookings are limited during the fall, winter, spring & summer seasons and our hunts usually fill up quickly. So if your certain on a particular date or season book with us early.

"We are a Veteran friendly guiding service"

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 AZ Day Hunts

Arizona Predator Day Hunt

  • Day hunt
  • Unlimited Bag Limit
  • ($450) Per Hunter/Per Day
  • Daily Guided or Multiple Days
  • Coyote Hunts Are Year Round
  • Grey Fox Bobcat Are From 08/1/2024 to 03/31/2025
  • Resident Hunting License ($37) 
  • Non-Resident Short-Term Combo License ($20) Per Day or ($160) Per Year

AZGF Hunting License May Be Purchased Online at www.azgfd.gov.

Trip available on Sept 1st 2024- May 31st 2025

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Arizona Guided Predator Night Hunts

Guided Predator Night Hunts

When you see the eyes shining and hear the howling in the distance be prepared for some adrenaline flowing, heart pounding, and some quick shooting when the yotes come charging in! Whether you are a seasoned veteran, or looking for you first Predator Night Hunt we can cater a hunt to meet your needs. We offer custom guided night hunts from after sunset for 4.5 hours. Or you have the option of a half day/half night hunt at addition price.

Our night hunts are conducted from December through the end of May. For our clients that don't have Kill lights for their rifles or shot guns we have you covered at no additional charge!

"We are a Veteran friendly guiding service"


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Arizona Night Hunts

Arizona Predator Night Hunt

  • Unlimited Bag Limit
  • ($1,250) Per Hunter Combo Night/Day
  • ($450) Per Hunter/Night
  • Coyote Only From 12/1/2024 Through 5/31/2025
  • Resident Hunting License ($37)  
  • Non-Resident Short-Term Combo License ($20) Per Day or ($160) Per Year

AZGF Hunting License May Be Purchased Online at www.azgfd.gov.

We conduct our night hunts by the AZGFD rules & regulations. This is a "coyote only" with "lights only" hunt. Night vision, thermal, scopes with illuminated reticle, and shooting & light scanning from a vehicle is "illegal" in Arizona.

Coyotes are vastly populated in the areas we hunt, occasionally during the night there will be (fox, bobcat, and mountain lion) come rushing into the call. In Arizona it is "illegal" to hunt fox, bobcat, and mountain lion at night.

Trip available on Dec 1st 2024 - May 31st 2025

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Success Rate


Our Arizona Guided Predator Day/Night trips are currently running at 100% harvest rate with a 100% shot opportunity. Our most productive methods of hunting these critters is by utilizing a electronic caller and using custom made hand calls with an emphasis on using a electronic caller.