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Arizona Bear Hunting

Arizona Bear Hunting

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Arizona offers some extraordinary trophy bear hunting with many record book boars harvested every year. We primarily hunt in late summer to early fall August-October. During this time bears are very active during the day time and spend majority of their day exploring for food. Bears come in many unique color phases, black, chocolate, cinnamon, and blonde. On our hunt expect to do a great deal of glassing, walking, and hiking so you must be in good walking shape. These hunts offer a lot of excitement and has a very high success rate.

We use two main techniques to harvest our bears, the spot-and-stalk method and the calling method. As our primary hunting technique, we hike to a good glassing point where a few square miles of terrain can be seen at one time. Once a mature bear is spotted, we plan our stalk. Expect to take rifle shots across big canyons, so a bi-pod or tall standing shooting tripod, good high-power riflescope, and a big, flat-shooting caliber is highly recommended. Rifle shots average 400 yards, but be prepared for any distance (longer or shorter) if the need arrises. If you are a bowhunter, this Arizona spot and stalk bear hunt is the ultimate challenge.

As a proven secondary technique, we use electronic predator call and utilize hand calling. Sometimes black bears prefer to stay in the thick oak brush, dense pinon pines, tall manzantia, prickly pear slopes, and juniper thickets where they eat acorns, pinon nuts, berries, cactus fruit, or juniper berries. These areas have thicker vegetation and allow for limited glassing. If this is where the bears are located at the time of your hunt, we may use limited glassing and use a predator call. This technique is an exciting way to pull a bear out of the brush and within shooting distance.

The OTC tags and licenses for our trophy Arizona black bear hunts are purchased over the counter and do not need to be drawn.

"We are a Veteran friendly guiding service"

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Rifle/Archery License & Tags

Rifle/Archery License & Tags

  • Resident Hunting License ($37)
  • Non-Resident License ($160)
  • Resident OTC-Tag ($25)
  • Non-Resident OTC-Tag ($150)

Guided Hunt ($3,500)

Trip available for Archery: Aug 23rd 2019 - Sept 12th 2019 

Trip available for Rifle: Oct 4th 2019- Oct 16th 2019

* Trip available by Spot-N-Stalk or with Hounds

* Until sow harvest limit is reach in open units


Our Arizona trophy black bear trip is currently running at 100% harvest rate with a 100% shooting opportunity. Our most productive methods of hunting on this trip is by glassing, stalking & calling with an emphasis on glassing.

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