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Recommended Arizona Hunting Gear List

Recommended Arizona Hunting Gear List

Gear List

Below is a list of essential items that you will need during your Arizona predator or big game hunt. Remember to dress in lighter layers for early season hunts and heavier layers for late season hunts. No hunter blaze orange is required.

  • Day pack with flashlight, headlamp, matches
  • Waterproof hunting/hiking boots
  • Knife 
  • Binoculars
  • Rangefinder
  • Camera
  • Radio (2-way)
  • Jacket, vest, gloves, beanie, rain gear
  • Performance wear (late season hunts)
  • Rifle, shot gun, bow, ammunition, arrows
  • Hat, sunglasses, sun screen
  • Shooting sticks, bi-pod, tri-pod
  • Shooting stool or seat
  • Ice chest for your harvest
  • Sleeping bag, pillow, (Outfitted Hunt)
  • Scent free hair/body wash, wipes, toiletries, towel/wash cloth (Outfitted Hunt)
  • Any other items you may want for a day of hunting